Fume Extraction

Geeco Fluid Extraction PlantTo integrate with many of its chemical engineering products – including electroplating and other metal finishing plant – Gee & Company designs, manufactures and installs advanced fume extraction systems. These are developed to dispose safely of the wide range of dangerous or noxious fumes that are a by-product of many such chemical processes.

With safety and environmental consideration very much in mind, Gee fume extraction and chemical elimination techniques are deployed to minimise the nuisance factor and to reduce environmental emissions to approved EPA limits, IPPC guidelines and other regulatory standards.
Depending upon the nature of the chemical products being used – particularly, their concentration, solubility and vapour pressure – Gee fume extraction systems can be either horizontal or vertical in configuration. In either case, the fume extraction and chemical eliminations system is connected to an automatic zinc barrel and jig plating plant, with alkaline pre-treatment and post-treatment chemical processes.

The Gee & Co Fume Extraction Process

To enable the highest efficiency of vapour capture, fume extraction from process tanks is taken by polypropylene vectored lip ducts along the long dimension of the tank. These lip ducts are connected to vertical risers which have damper controls – either manually or automatically operated – for precise volume control and system balancing. They are fitted with volumetric test points.

Fluid Extraction Plant at Geeco

The scrubber system is designed with an increase to its cross-sectional area, to reduce the velocity of gaseous flow and to increase the reactive phase change processing time. It contains initial flow separation baffles and contra-flow atomising water-fed spray nozzles in order to ‘wet’ the incoming gas flow, to increase the efficiency of the phase change.

This stage is followed by a packed bed of pawl rings which increase the area of contact reaction, where the gas and liquor coalesce and liquid absorption phase change is effected. The residual liquor is removed by aerofoil eliminator blades and knit mesh pad demisters, before final discharge through the fan and stack to atmosphere. Dosing by Ph correction is applied to the scrubbing liquor by dosing pump assemblies – an integral product also supplied by Gee.

The main discharge stack is legislatively designed to operate at no more than 1,600 feet/minute (8.12 metres/second), which will not support liquid droplet discharge. Fan condensate and the scrubber overflows from the base water reservoir tanks are directed to the respective chemical drains, and then to the effluent treatment plant – which is also Gee supplied. The stack itself is installed with its high-velocity discharge cone 3 metres above the building apex.

As a largely pre-assembled unit, the entire scrubber is usually located on an elevated steel platform, with operator access so that factory production space is not compromised and additional provision is made for other associated chemical engineering.

Gee’s long and proven experience in the design of advanced fume extraction systems offers a safe and effective method of disposal of dangerous or noxious fumes. With nuisance and environmental considerations assuming ever more importance across the metal finishing industry, here is a tested, engineered solution that will meet all regulatory emission standards.

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