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Gee’s strength in the Electroplating industry is be self sufficient in the Products and Processes it supplies.  With our own team of qualified engineers, chemists and process engineers and a large fabrication shop. Gee is able to meet customers individual needs.

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Electroplating Plant & Services Installation Process

A customer enquiry starts with an evaluation of the customers needs. From this a process and engineering solution is formulated. After further consultation with the customer, the proposal is finalised and submitted.

Once the order is received a dedicated team of engineers will prepare the necessary drawings, documentation and manuals. Gee’s large fabrication shop will then start to fabricate the tanks, transporter and any other auxiliary items necessary to complete the scheme.

Upon completion the system will be tested as far as possible before sending to site. Once on site our experienced installation team will complete the installation, commissioning and training to the customers satisfaction.

But is doesn’t stop there. Through Gee’s ‘After Care’ programme, a full service programme can be provided which is tailored to meet customers individual needs. A technical support team are also available to answer any process or technical questions that may arise.

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Gee Core Competences
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Case Studies
Gee’s Electroplating and Metal Finishing experience is wide and varied. Follow the link below to obtain details on specific applications and case studies.


Each case study had its own challenges to which a Gee solution was found and instigated.







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