Chemical Cleaning Plant

Fundamental it may be, but effective chemical cleaning and de-greasing of components is probably the most important part of any automatic metal finishing process, prior to plating. Gee understands the variety of cleaning options and will design a cleaning system that is versatile, effective and application-relevant.

Cleaning Cleaning Plant Processes for Metal Finishing

According to need, there are a number of differing cleaning processes, which deploy differing surface active agents. These rangefrom a simple plating bath hot alkaline system, through to anodic cleaning – using the electrolytic process, to acidic cleaning – particularly for de-rusting purposes, through surface etching – physically removing the top surface of the metal, and finally pickling.

Chemical Cleaning Plant at GeecoChemical Cleaning Plant

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Case Studies
Gee’s Electroplating and Metal Finishing experience is wide and varied. Follow the link below to obtain details on specific applications and case studies.


Each case study had its own challenges to which a Gee solution was found and instigated.







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