Metal Finishing and Electroplating

Full system automation on Metal Finishing & Electroplating

This Gee-developed process control system provides full system automation on all Gee Electroplating and metal finishing processes. All the required control parameters can be programmed in through the front face of the TOPS system (Total Operations Processing System), which monitors, controls and records process data.

Unique to Gee, this Windows-based system provides the customer with a full, continuous understanding of the operational parameters of the process, together with supporting management information.

Vitally, this not only maximises the production throughput and control of automatically operated plants, it does so to the required specification and quality standards. TOPS has the added benefit of capturing dynamic data management, enabling production output and total product traceability to be certified. This data meets the most stringent of international standards, including those of NADCAP (the National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Programme).

In summary, the management data that is generated by the Gee TOPS system provides the following benefits:

• Production information to and from the company main frame computer.
• Intelligent transporter sequencing.
• Picture programming.
• Load stage scheduling.

Gee Core Competences
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Case Studies
Gee’s Electroplating and Metal Finishing experience is wide and varied. Follow the link below to obtain details on specific applications and case studies.


Each case study had its own challenges to which a Gee solution was found and instigated.







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