Electroplating & Metal Finishing

This Gee-developed process control system provides full system automation on all Gee electroplating and metal finishing processes.

Effluent Treatment Systems
The treatment of effluent is important in any process. Gee & Co have considerable experience in supplying effluent treatment systems for Electroplating processes.



Fume Extraction

Gee & Co design, manufacture and install fume extraction systems for hazardous chemicals both horizontal & vertical designs are available.

Chemical Dosing Pumps & Storage Tanks

Gee’s core competences include the design and manufacture of thermoplastic storage tanks as well as the supply of a variety of dosing pumps & packaged systems.

Electroplating Services & Metal Finishing

Built on over 35 years’ experience, Gee & Company is ideally placed to meet the needs of any manufacturing process that demands an electroplating or metal finishing line capable of producing finished components that satisfy the most stringent of manufacturers’ or regulatory standards.

Gee offers such a capability with a total, fully-integrated approach – from concept to completion.
Our experience and industry knowledge level, overlaid with Gee’s policy of continuous technology development, is what will transform a customer need into a robust plant that meets both client expectations and challenging standards.

It is by using our core competencies that we can offer a turnkey package embracing design, manufacture, installation and commissioning for both manual and fully automatic electroplating and metal finishing plant. According to need, these systems can include effluent treatment, rinse water recirculation, fume extraction, chemical storage tanks and chemical dosing pumps and pipework.

This Gee process line experience extends beyond electroplating alone – into other metal finishing skills including electroless plating, chemical etching and milling, anodising and chemical cleaning.
Whatever the process, the outcome is the creation and delivery of a single, integrated system – from concept to completion – with the highest technical engineering standards, coupled with environmental performance that meet today’s expectations.

Self Sufficient
Gee’s strength in the Electroplating industry is be self sufficient in the Products and Processes it supplies.  With our own team of qualified engineers, chemists and process engineers and a large fabrication shop. Gee is able to meet customers individual needs.


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Gee Core Competences
Core Competences 2



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Case Studies
Gee’s Electroplating and Metal Finishing experience is wide and varied. Follow the link below to obtain details on specific applications and case studies.


Each case study had its own challenges to which a Gee solution was found and instigated.







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